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CTMS Inc - Clinical Trials Management Solutions is a solution-driven SMO - Site Management Organization committed to engaging in relationships that are transparent, trustworthy and credible.  Our services allow sponsors access to a clinical research management team that will simplify processes, reduce error and reduce cost.  CTMS Inc provides all types of clinical trial management services.  Our innovative approach allows CTMS Research Centers to be your “one-stop” clinical trial management provider.  

CTMS is a leader in clinical research for the wide spectrum of therapeutic areas and has a wealth of experience in medical device and pediatric clinical research. The development of new therapies in these areas presents unique challenges, requires a depth of knowledge and experience throughout the project team, and the organizational skills that only CTMS as a therapeutically focused SMO can offer.


CTMS possesses the operational excellence to successfully plan and execute the most challenging clinical development programs through our highly experienced project teams, in-house medical experts and relationships with numerous key opinion leaders throughout the industry. We focus on the strategic issues upfront, helping you to avoid potential pitfalls and resulting delays.


CTMS provides clinical services where quality of the highest level is central to all aspects of project delivery. We offer flexible, proactive SMO services delivered by experienced clinical research professionals. Our focus is on customer satisfaction achieved through adherence to timelines, quality standards, and by treating our clients' project aspirations as our own. Continued repeat business is proof to the quality of our service delivery.


Therapeutic Areas:


       Respiratory illness
       Central nervous system disorders
       Plastic surgery
       Pain Management



CTMS Difference:

Clinical Trials Management - includes physician recruitment, management of multi-year, multi-centre research studies, data collection and site management. This includes all services from pre-initiation to closeout activities:

  • Feasibility And Site Selection Activities – Before approaching CTMS Research Center with your study CTMS Inc performs initial assessment of the center’s individual needs, access to the adequate pool of patients, and the infrastructure for conducting the clinical study.  By thorough analysis CTMS evaluates the center’s potential to succeed in the study.  This approach will save your time and allow us to prevent number of issues in the later stages of the study and results in 100% success in the performance of your clinic.
  • Training and Professional Development – CTMS takes responsibility for ensuring research staff is trained in the latest regulatory requirements and have the most effective tools to implement ICH/GCP guidelines.  Also, CTMS ensures that site personnel are fully trained on protocol and study related material.  CTMS training programs are available for Clinical Research Coordinators and Investigators. These 1-2 day programs describe all aspects of the clinical trial and review the roles and responsibilities of all members of the research team. Contact us online for course availability and pricing information.
  • “Task oriented” Approach – The “task oriented” approach will bring to your study consistency and efficiency.  Each team member at CTMS is responsible for the certain task.  For example data entry professionals are specializing to enter data only and do not deal with other aspects of your trial.   
  • Regulatory Documents Preparation/Submissions - CTMS takes care of the preparation and submission of all Regulatory Documentation to the Independent Ethics Committee, CRO, Sponsor and other strategic partners.  If you are bringing a new product to Canada, or need help with site specific activities, CTMS team of specialists can assist.
  • Timeline Tracking CTMS will identify and assist clients in establishing and maintaining study milestones and deadlines throughout the conduct of the clinical trial.
  • Source Document Worksheet Creation - CTMS develops study related documents.  These worksheets facilitate information management at our sites and help to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data in the CRFs.
  • The rest of the services can be found at our services page.



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