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CTMS is a network of high-performing principal investigators. We realize that successful outcome of clinical trials above all depends on the skills and dedication of the chosen physicians we work with. Our investigators have successfully completed hundreds of Phase II-IV trials across multiple therapeutic areas.
If you are a primary care physician who would like to learn more about becoming a CTMS investigator, please contact us and we will follow up with you personally.  Please take a moment to review the following information to learn more about how CTMS supports your clinical research.  
Nowadays pharmaceutical industry is very selective and potential principal investigators have to meet stringent requirements in order to succeed in this high competitive pharmaceutical environment.  Choosing CTMS as your primary clinical research ally you will become “ready for action” clinical research specialist.  As a part of CTMS family you will be followed hand-by-hand and step-by-step through the highly demanding and tightly regulated process to meet and exceed requirements set by pharmaceutical industry standards.   


Core requirements for successful Principal Investigator:

  • Respect for the significance of delivering quality research data.  Ability & willingness to communicate this approach to all research staff;
  • Qualified,  trained, and dedicated research staff;
  • Access to study required population;
  • Ability to identify, screen, recruit, and retain study patients;
  • Active involvement of investigator in study;
  • Adequate amenities to dedicate to monitoring visits, storage, etc.;
  • Appropriate research space and equipment on site (centrifuge, spirometry, ECG, etc.);
  • Appropriate research amenities off site (endoscopy, x-ray, lung function, etc.);
  • Investigator/staff commitment to ongoing training/professional development.


CTMS supports its Investigators by:

  • Promotion of Investigator and Investigative site - CTMS Manages and executes a full therapeutic portfolio on your behalf.   CTMS represents you and your clinic before sponsor during the site selection process.  Our specialists ensure that your investigative site is “armed” with the proper knowledge and equipment to succeed in a highly competitive pharmaceutical environment.
  • Screening Study Opportunities, Site Feasibility Completion & Submission - Before approaching you with a new study CTMS Inc performs initial assessment of your center’s individual needs, access to the adequate pool of patients, and the infrastructure for conducting the clinical trials.  By thorough analysis CTMS evaluates your center’s potential to succeed in the study.  This approach will save your time and allow us to prevent number of issues in the later stages of the study and results in 100% success in the performance of your clinic.
  • Training, Training Materials - CTMS takes responsibility for ensuring research staff is trained in the latest regulatory requirements and the most effective tools to implement GCP at your research centre.  Also, CTMS ensures that site personnel are fully trained on protocol and study related material.
  • Placement of Qualified and trained research staff - CTMS Inc consists of qualitatively highly trained professionals for managing clinical trials: Study Coordinators and data entry personnel.  
  • Standardization of research processes - The innovative and standardized approach will allow your center to handle multiple studies simultaneously.
  • Provision of Investigator Site SOPs - Enhance the quality of clinical research in your research centre by standardizing your procedures with the help of SOPs for Sites. With SOPs for sites the quality of the research will be warranted throughout all levels within your research centre, because all involved parts will start to work in a uniform matter. Help your research center to meet the high quality demands sponsors request.
  • Regulatory Documents Preparation/Submissions - CTMS takes care of the preparation and submission of all Regulatory Documentation to the Independent Ethics Committee, CRO, Sponsor and other strategic partners.
  • Adequate research amenities on site - CTMS provides the research centre with all required equipment directed by study protocol (eg. centrifuge, spirometry, ECG, etc.).
  • Contract Review, Negotiation Process - The Clinical Trials/Study Agreement (CTA/CSA) is often skimmed-over by investigators, who are often too busy to afford the time to read pages of legalese.  Since you are part of CTMS network we consider ourselves your legal representative in these agreements.  CTMS Inc systematically goes through every word in the agreement to ensure your interests and obligations are fairly represented.
  • Source Document Worksheet Creation - CTMS develops study related documents.  These worksheets facilitate information management at our sites and help to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data in the CRFs.
  • Recruitment Support - CTMS in collaboration with Investigators are able to recruit large numbers of subjects in a short period of time. Approaching and identifying  trial subjects is often time consuming.  CTMS has developed a specific subject selection procedure for clinical trials. Potential patients are informed about the trial through an information campaign: advertisement, referral program etc.
  • Communication - All communication related to study management and logistics is done by CTMS Inc on your behalf.  Communication with Sponsor, CRO, media and patients  is arranged by CTMS.  Effective communication results in successful and reliable research, managed at the highest quality level.
  • Payment Administration: Tracking & Reconciliation, Timeliness, Advocacy - CTMS negotiates budget on your behalf.  Before launching new trial, CTMS estimates study costs and performs complete marketing analysis.  CTMS tracks the enrolment progress for you and calculates the monies due, based on the procedures/visits performed, and reconciles this data with payments received from sponsors to ensure accuracy and timeliness of all study payments.  CTMS closely monitors payments on your behalf and ensures that payments available for you according to the schedule and there are no payment delays.



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